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Create a simple wizard for small to medium-size businesses to build their site in minutes.
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Convertly: CMS linking small & medium businesses to online branding and marketing. User-friendly platform for fast, responsive websites. I’m the sole Product Designer.


After account creation, a new site is generated from a base template. Then, customization with colors, branding, fonts, and imagery is needed. Business owners often relied on Convertly internal resources, lowering adoption and renewals.


Design a user-friendly wizard for easy website creation, empowering users to customize with logos and colors, boosting platform familiarity, adoption, and satisfaction.

My Roles
  • User Research
  • User Testing
  • UI/UX Design
  • Prototyping
  • Content

2 weeks

+50% Renewals

Website and adbuy renewal rates were increased due to quicker adoption rate and overall positive engagement with the application.



How I got started
  • Reviewed competitors such as Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, GoDaddy, and others.
  • Sought inspiration from platforms with similar user interfaces.
  • Identified design patterns for implementation.
What I Discovered
  • Streamline user access: Reduce steps to the dashboard to 3-4 by implementing preset templates, color schemes, and content.
  • Minimal decision-making: Provide preset options to simplify choices and expedite user entry into the tool.
  • Facilitate website preview: Enable users to quickly view the beginning of their website upon accessing the dashboard.

Discuss & Define

Now’s a good time to use the knowledge we’ve gained and come up with a solid plan to reach our goals. Let’s focus on understanding and tackling the issues we’ve pinpointed by diving into some deep analysis and discussion.

  • Present Discovery findings to the stakeholders and team
  • Collaborate on User Journey Mapping in FigJam
  • Generate User Flows
  • Create Action Items/Stories


Once aligned with the team, I shifted to Figma. Aim: Design a tool for users to craft a site in <5 minutes, easing adoption.

  • Option for Single Sign On (SSO) with Google or Facebook
  • 1-2 questions to generate website template options
  • Simple page to allow easy branding selection and logo uploading
  • Drop them right into the edit tool with the onboarding video


Source Files & Prototypes

Mockups and Prototypes were created in Figma. These files were copied over from the work account. Files and projects would normally be organized differently.

Outcomes & Lessons

Reduced Internal Costs

Development resources no longer needed to manually create the websites.

Faster Setup Time

The creation of websites was reduced by 75% due to the ability of the client or sales team to create site at the point of sale.

Increased Renewal

Website and adbuy renewal rates were increased by 50% due to quicker adoption rate and overall positive engagement with the application.

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